February 23, 2019 2 min read

Lizzy's is excited to be able to be the first in the area to offer capsule wardrobes. 

What is a capsule wardrobe you ask? 15 clothing items + 5 accessories = dozens of outfits up to 100 

Women now have the luxury of so many options when it comes to selecting clothing, no matter what the occasion. But what is the best way to get the most out of what you have in your closet or what you don't have and need to purchase? First of all, stop at Lizzy's in Sycamore and any of our fashion consultants can help you pick the best pieces to pair together, giving you the best bang for your buck. Many women think you need a closet flooded with clothes to feel confident. While having that may be a dream come true for some, all you really need are 15 basics, a few accessories and a little creativity. OK, our staff can't be there to help you dress every day, but the internet is only a click away and truly less is more!

Here are Lizzy's top 15 pieces that every woman needs to have a capsule wardrobe and yes, you can purchase them all at Lizzy's in Sycamore, IL.

1. Jag or Liverpool jeans that can be dressed up or dressed down

2. A classic white t-shirt 

3. Liverpool boyfriend blazer that will transform any outfit

4. Hoodie

5. Shorts

6. Trench Coat - had them in the fall  and we have a few cute Spring jackets now

7. Black classic trousers 

8. Timeless, classic black dress

9. Sweater

10. Print Blouse

11. Jumpsuit

12. Colorful or stripped shirt

13. White button down

14. Fun midi (mid length) dress

15. Fun Jacket - Faux suede or denim

16. Sneakers

17. Boots

18. Sandals

19. Heels

20. Rachel Marie Jewelry


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