August 11, 2017 5 min read

Did you know that fashion has rules and is meant to express your personality?

So if this is true, why do we follow these outdated, and old fashion rules of fashion that were put in place long before most of us were born? Everyone woman wants to feel confident in what they wear, and with new trends happening all the time, the rules make it difficult to allow the confidence every woman deserves. So, why do we allow these rules to control what we wear and when? Not sure what I am talking about? Here are twelve fashion rules that need to be broken today. The time has come to create your own sense of style!


  1. Never Wear White After Labor Day or Before Memorial Day

This is one of the most famous fashion myths of all time, and has faded over time. As long as you are not wearing lightweight fabrics with light colors in colder weather areas, you’re good. However, coats, sweaters and pants in "winter white," are perfectly acceptable to wear.


  1. Black is Slimming And Flattering 

Smoke and Mirrors as some call it, black can be slimming. Wrong! Black isn’t slimming all the time. Often when you wear black you can look bigger if the garment is tight. Looking good in black like above, truly depends on fit and pairing more than anything else.


  1. Tall Women Shouldn’t Wear Heels

Heels are not just used to make you taller, but to make your legs look great, dress up any outfit and make you feel your best whenever you put a pair on. So why can’t taller women wear them? Being tall myself, I understand how some women might feel being even taller or maybe less feminine in heels, but believe me, that is far from the truth. Your height will never define your femininity. Only you can define that. So put on a pair of heels, and strut the tall drink of water you are.


  1. Short Women Should Never Wear Long Dresses

Long dresses and skirts below the knee with your hair up can in fact make you look longer, so don’t pass these looks up because of an age old myth. Pick a solid color or small print dress without any banding at the waist for the best look possible.


  1. Never Wear Black with Blue        

HELLO! Who ever said this knows zero about fashion. Navy and black dresses have been popular for years, as is pairing a blue pair of jeans and a black sweater, along with a cute pair of heels. There are just so many possibilities that work together. The ones I would avoid are when you want to pass off black and blue as matching like in a suit, or in a more formal outfit. That’s a big no no.


  1. Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Heavy

Everyone has heard this one and all I can say is its false. The myth is that horizontal stripes draw the eye across the body, making you appear wider, and vertical stripes draw the eye up and down the body, making you appear longer and leaner. Believe it or not, people actually perceive those wearing horizontal stripes as thinner. So start using stripes to your advantage. I love my stripes and get compliments when I wear them.

  1. Plus Size Woman Should Only Wear Loose Clothing


Every woman should wear what makes her feel beautiful and confident in. A line outfits are tighter around the bust and looser around the hips which help lengthen and slim your body while showing off some curves. A tighter outfit will show off your body and all your curves. Loose clothing often makes you look bigger. Remember whatever you decide to wear, self-confidence is the most important thing you can wear at all times.


  1. You Can Never Wear Gold and Silver Together

Gold and silver can be worn together and often you see it in wedding bands and earrings. Recently we have seen many beautiful pieces being paired together such as bangles and necklaces. The biggest thing to remember when putting pieces together is to make it look like you put them together on purpose. Same size or style is important to pull it off.

  1. Sequins, Shimmer, and Bling are Only for Eveningwear

Designers are now adding sequins and sparkles in everyday clothes. From t-shirts with sequin pockets to tanks and sweaters with sequin embellishments on the front, neckline and sleeves. Pulling off bling and sequins during the day is possible. Compliment the look with a cardigan or blazer and pair with a pair of jeans or simple skirt. Don’t let this old fashioned rule keep you from shining all day.


  1. Never Mix and Match Prints

With vintage style clothing making its way back to the fashion industry, mixing patterns such as plaids and argyles, stripes and paisleys have become a fashion statement. We see it on many TV shows, in magazines and on the runway. It is now ok to wear this look as long as you pair a smaller print with a larger print and don’t over accessorize.  


  1. Never Wear More than One Bold Color

Again, we can point to vintage clothing for this new trend and with a little planning, you can make a nice statement without being too loud.  Wearing something bold on top with a pair of bold shoes in a different color while everything else is rather neutral won’t be so loud. If you’re still not sure, try a yellow purse with a green necklace and fuchsia shoes.


  1. Match your Purse to your Shoes and Belt

How many shoes actually have belts that match them? Purses maybe, but belts? Would you actually give up buying a pair of amazing shoes just because they did not have a belt or purse to match? Though I have and many do, we all need to stop this insanity now. Try and find items in the same color family that complement one another or maybe even like above, pair colors that go well together, just as long as you don’t come off looking like a paint swatch. Now there is one exception to this rule and that is a formal event. Always match your shoes to your purse and/or belt and thank me later.

At Lizzy’s Pink Boutique, we understand that Fashion isn’t about size; it’s about dressing to feel your absolute best. Owning your body shape and wearing whatever makes you feel confident in, is what’s most important. We teach you that you are never too short, too tall, too big, or too skinny to show off your shape and style. Whatever makes you feel amazing is yours to wear and the new rule to go by.


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