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October 26, 2021 2 min read


We now carry Garrity Grove Candle, Wax Melts and More!!!!

Garrity Grove Candle Co. is the brainchild of Michelle Collins, a Northern Illinois native. As a former trauma nurse, who was forced to leave the workforce early, due to Multiple Sclerosis, she relied on her artistic talents to keep busy and keep her mind busy. She had been “flipping furniture” for 25 years and loved doing so, but it was beginning to become far too difficult to keep up with due to her disability.
During the pandemic, when Michelle bought her fall and holiday candles, she was overwhelmingly disappointed with them. They had little to no scent at all and often tunneled and left most of the wax on the sides of the candle. She decided to start researching how to make candles and started buying supplies and testing fragrances. With the help of some loyal testers and lots and LOTS of testing, she found what worked for her.
Michelle’s 13 year-old daughter makes all of the wax melts and loves finding just the right mixture of biodegradable colored micas to make them shimmer brilliantly as they melt in your warmer. She also makes most of the car fresheners and diffusers.
The name Garrity Grove Candle Company comes from Michelle’s beloved grandmother, Irene Jane Garraughty. Michelle and Irene loved to spend time looking through their family history and research their ancestry. They had even traced some of their ancestors back to the 1500’s together! The original spelling was Garrity.
Michelle had gone through several ideas for a company name, and wanted to pay homage to her grandmother somehow, but when she saw a video of her grandmother with her sweet sister Patricia, she knew that one of the scents would be “Garrity Girls”, and thus… Garrity Grove Candle Co. was born.
Garrity Grove Candle Co. is dedicated to minimizing their environmental footprint and maximizing their benefit to society. They do this by using clean scents, 100% free of phthalates. They also use as many recyclable and biodegradable materials as possible. Their candles and wax melts are a soy blend that burn slowly and give off a delightful scent.
When Lizzy stumbled upon the company, it was Michelle inquiring about merchandise at Lizzy's. Lizzy read about Michelle's candles and got choked up reading about her candle named Lillian. Lizzy's adoptive Mom was Lillian and also wore Lily of the Valley. The connection became even greater as Lillian's fathers name was George (Lizzy's Grandpa). Tell me it was'nt meant to be that Lizzy carry this line. God moments is what they are called and now Lizzy's Pink Boutique smells so good, like never before, like no other candle could ever do, honestly! That is how good these candles are.
Stop in at Lizzy's and smell them for yourself. You will not want any other candle moving forward. Promise!

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