November 19, 2020 1 min read

Be sure to check out us out tomorrow for Pink Friday. If you can’t shop us, check out some of the other “best boutiques around” on the following website:


Not sure what Pink Friday is.... Pink Friday was created by the Boutique Hub, which Lizzy’s has belonged to for over 2 years. It is there where we take classes, learn solid, encouraging and supportive business building strategies and have met some of the best boutique besties who have helped and encouraged us along the way in all aspects of our business. Talk about Community Over Competition.
It has helped tremendously during Covid too. If not for Boutique Hub, the classes we enrolled in, etc, we WOULD not have come back after Covid. PERIOD!
Ok, back to Pink Friday. It’s a small spin on Black Friday - to remind consumers to shop small first, even before small business Saturday, that comes after Black Friday.
The Goal is to celebrate the businesses that are the backbone of the community before all the big box retailers overshadow the experiences that small stores and a boutique like ours are focused on providing. So as big supporters of small businesses at The Boutique Hub & Shop The Best Boutiques, they created The Pink Friday movement.



Check us out online or in person for great savings November 21st. Oh and the 22nd too, but shop early before all the good stuff is gone!

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