November 27, 2020 2 min read

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Shopping local can be pretty impactful, especially since our local businesses do so much for our community. 

Our small businesses were hit hard in 2020, so supporting local is vital, because small businesses do much more than provide goods and services. They are the backbone of the community and many of the business owners like Lizzy's Pink Boutique live here and care about about customers and our community more then the big box retailers. The small businesses are also responsible for many jobs in our community. They donate to the schools, ball clubs and many other organizations. 

Can you imagine DeKalb County with out our small businesses - blocks of empty store fronts, no place to shop at, eat out, have services performed at. Lots of people out of work. But if we all patronize small businesses, it is less likely this will happen. 

Not to mention when you shop local, more money goes back to our local community then if we shopped a big box retailer or any other business outside of town.

Also, many small businesses work with local artists and retailers to find unique or one of a kind products made in smaller batches locally. 

Big box retailers profited a ton, while being the only businesses available during the lockdown. Many non essential businesses had to close, we personally were closed for 79 days and last week we went back to more restrictions.  

We can’t survive without our communities support and covid only made it more difficult to do in 2020. 

Shop Small, Shop Local

Shop Small Business Saturday November 27, 2020 

Shop Small All Year Long!




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