October 22, 2021 3 min read

Thank You - 2021 Witches Night Out 

Thank you for visiting us during Witches Night Out. We hope everyone enjoyed the evening and got to visit other participating merchants.


Winner 1st place Witch hat contest - 

please come in to claim your prize. 

2nd and 3rd place have been called. 



Once again, we were blown away by the participation and support at Lizzy’s. Our boutique remained packed all night long with a line to check out while our 2 experienced cashiers, Our Warlock Andy and Kitty Cat Doris kept the line going as fast as they could. 

Our Witches, Debbie, Marilyn, Peyton and myself were helping customers with their selections on the floor while Betsy was serving up a wicked witches brew that everyone loved.

Our community is awesome and this event proves to be one of the favorites among our loyal fans.

We would love to hear your feedback about this event to help us improve events in the future. Your feedback is precious for us.

Thank you again for your attendance. We wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween and cant wait to see you all in your new Fall pretties.  See you soon or at our next event.

Best Regards,

Lizzy & Staff

Check out more photos below to meet some of our staff...

Our black Kitty Cat Doris has been with Lizzy since she opened her doors 4 years ago in downtown Sycamore. Doris lives in Sycamore and is a wife, mom and a full time civil engineer. We don't get Doris very often, but we do get her for larger events and are thrilled to have someone like Doris on our team. 

Betsy, The bartender witch has been with Lizzy for 3 years and has lived in DeKalb County for 18 years. Betsy was raised in Elk Grove Village where she has strong ties to this day. Betsy currently works as a manager of a hospice agency for the past 10 years, which is her passion. She enjoys all types of music and attending concerts both indoor and out along with festivals, fine wines, great friends and margaritas, which she  is known for and served up the night of Witches Night Out. Everyone absolutely loved them by the way. 

Debbie aka the perfect witch has been with Lizzy for over a year. She grew up in Sycamore and now lives in Kirland with her husband. She is a mom to two adult children, loves her NIU football, her family, close friends, (has a amazing relationship with her mother) and loves all things crafts. She also grooms dogs part time, including Fiona & Dallas. 

Peyton, aka the wicked witch of the west was born and raised in DeKalb and has the cutest 3 year old son. She is a member of the Tau Upsilon Alpha National Organization For Human Services and will graduate from Purdue University Global with her BA in Humans Services. The last five years she has worked with special needs children. She has been friends with Lizzy's family for many years and has been modeling for Lizzy for almost two years. She has been working at the boutique since early Spring

Marilyn aka sassy & classy witch was a loyal customer at Lizzy's for many years before becoming a part time employee this past Spring. We are just as thrilled to have her on the team as she is. Marilyn has been a resident of DeKalb for 45 years and is married with 3 kids and 6 fantastic grandkids. Before retirement, she was an insurance agent in DeKalb for many years.


Lizzy aka the head witch or queen witch has been a resident of Sycamore for the past 15 years and is proud to be the only boutique that is a member of the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce. Prior to opening her boutique, Lizzy sold new construction homes in Sycamore. Born and raised in Chicago, Lizzy is living proof that you can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl. Lizzy is married to Andy and together they have 6 children & 7 grandchildren. Women’s fashion has always been Lizzy’s passion, which is evident when you walk into Lizzy’s boutique. Her moto is "we don't just sell clothing, we sell confidence". 

We hope you will visit the boutique during Pumpkin Fest and see what all the hoopla is all about and why women of all ages just love our boutique. 




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