November 08, 2019 1 min read

When most people think of an entrepreneur, they envision someone who is independent and solitary. However, every successful entrepreneur knows that you can only go it alone for so long.

Along the way on this crazy journey, both personal and professional, I have found time and time again that being part of a Tribe is the only thing that saves me. This Tribe is made up of like-minded people and not only adds joy and experience, but lifts me up and gives me reason in everything I do.
Without my Tribe, I certainly would not be where I am today, continuing to grow and evolve in my purpose and mission of empowering women to look and feel both confident and beautiful.
Some of you might be thinking: I can do this all myself because I’ve got what it takes. After all, I’ve already gotten this far. But I could not have done it without you, my Tribe! We all need a Tribe to succeed. It takes a village of individuals who believe in you and sincerely want you to SUCCEED!
You each have entered my life by choice and as the boutique celebrates 2 years at my current location, let’s have a glass of wine and share girlfriend time together.
The cost will be $40 per person and has limited space.
Thank you all again for your continued support!



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