Meet Lizzy

 Hello and Welcome!

My name is Lizzy. I am a wife, mom and grandma. Shopping, traveling and hanging out with my family, friends and fur babies are my favorite things to do.

My long and unlikely road to becoming a boutique owner would make for an interesting women’s empowerment movie. If you know, you know and have cried a few tears with me.

In 2016 and at the age of 51, I opened Lizzy’s Pink Boutique in my home, complete with a website. Just twenty months later, I was busting at the seams and the expansion from my home to a downtown Sycamore location transpired. The store front was a great addition to Sycamore and the additional space allowed me to offer a larger inventory. In late summer, early fall of 2019, I started concentrating on growing my online presence and the timing was impeccable. Another obstacle happened, and they called it “Covid”. This was the absolute worst time to be a “SMALL” business owner. We were forced to close for 79 days and sadly, foot traffic never did resume to what it was prior to January of 2020.

Fast forward to June of 2023. I took another leap of faith and decided to close my brick and mortar boutique while still continuing the boutique exclusively online. Currently, the website is run out of Sycamore, IL where we process, photograph, pack and ship every order. We’ve shipped to every state in the USA and honestly, this still amazes me DAILY!!!

A good friend recently told me that my scars tell a story of resilience and that every challenge I faced only made me stronger which helped me achieve success in my life and as entrepreneur. My response – it could have been worse. But as it turns out, entrepreneurship is the perfect outlet for me. It has allowed me to GROW and form so many incredible relationships, while still exploring my own creativity. From product selection, website design, photography, advertising, marketing and giving other women the same opportunities while working here at Lizzy’s, entreprenuership allows me to keep my imagination open, which in turn helps me take the needed actions for growth and success in all areas of my life.

I am thankful for each and every one of our customers for supporting small businesses such as Lizzy’s. Small businesses only succeed because of you! Thanks so much for shopping Lizzy's Pink Boutique.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns. 

~ Lizzy