Starting May 1st, 2023
ALL sales will be final, and no returns or exchanges will be accepted.
We will be offering sales on merchandise that isn’t being moved
No coupons will be accepted
Gift Cards must be redeemed prior to May 31st, 2023 and will not be accepted on Nora Fleming or Makers Items.
Credit Cards accepted, but we would prefer cash and/or local check.
Store fixtures will be for sale starting May 1st, to be picked up at a later date.
June 1st – June 30th, 2023
We will no longer accept credit or debit cards and will no longer have a machine to process gift cards.
We will only be accepting cash and local checks, at our discretion.
Purchases after July 1st, 2023
Back to business online as well as trunk shows and pop-ups
Returns and exchanges will be accepted on items purchased after July 1st, 2023.