Brumate On The Rocks Set with Winesulator

Brumate On The Rocks Set with Winesulator in Carrara

Enhance your drinking experience with the Winesulator rocks sets, your new go-to for transporting your favorite drink in style. Fits a full bottle of wine  or 25 ounces of your favorite drinl while maintaining the perfect temperature for over 24 hours. Allows you to take it to the beach, pool, campsite, or any other glass-free zone. Comes with 2 matching rocks 12ounce tumblers. They are the perfect tumbler designed specifically to keep your favorite mixed drinks ice-cold, so your concoctions are never watered down keeping you on the go without the worry of wasting your drink or shattering your glass.

Plant & Pillow & Marble Block not included. Limes extra. :)