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Rose Gold
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Thanks for holding everything together even when things seemed like they were falling apart. Thanks for all the times you picked me up when I was down, laughed at my jokes and helped me chase my dreams. Thanks for being my constant in chaos, my healer in hurt and my supporter in uncertainty. I love how you can make the smallest moments feel like magic and turn the darkest days into something bright. You are more than just my mom — you are my laugh until it hurts person; my always there, no matter what person. You are my heart healer and my cheerleader. My nerve calmer and my problem solver. You are my heart and my soul — my forever friend. Thanks for loving me through the ups and downs in life — things always seem better when we are together. 

Product Information & Fit
Made In America 
Length: 18"
Materials: Metal
Finish:  Gold (Nickel Free) 
Silver (Nickel Finish)