Garrity Girls- Luxe Collection

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Garrity Gove Candle Co. 

All Luxe Collection candles have a beautiful wooden wick candles with wood lids. These tube wicks create a beautiful flame and soft crackling sound.

Thei signature scent of Garrity Grove Candle Co named for Michelle's grandmother and her sister.

Highly fragrant, floral and sweet - this will take you to gardens filled with flowers as soon as you lift the lid of the candle.

White Jasmine, orange blossoms, and Neroli as well as citrus and pettigrain and soft notes of powder will be sure to please.

This is a part of the Luxe Collection and is available in candles and wax melts.

  • 8.5oz candle 
  • Made in DeKalb, IL
  • Natural Soy Blend